Step 5: Defeat the enemies and continue until you find the treasure.


Inside the Tomb of Treachery you will be able to move around fairly easily. .

Hogwarts Legacy - Mysterious Map Fragment Treasure Location Guide (Cursed Tomb Treasure Side Quest)During the "Cursed Tomb Treasure" Side Quest,.


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Players find the mysterious map fragment during Hogwarts Legacy's cursed tomb quest, locked behind a level 3 lock door or alternative secret entrance, inside a locked chest. Another frightening side quest in "Hogwarts Legacy" is "Cursed Tomb Treasure.



Sacking Selwyn. 2 moths are located north of the door (1 behind a cobweb).

Tomb of Treachery Location. Enter the cave and turn left at the sarcophagus to burn down the.

Feb 15, 2023 · The Cursed Tomb Treasure quest is one quest that can become quite confusing.
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. This guide will show you how to finish "Cursed Tomb Treasure" side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. .

How to find the Mysterious Map Fragment in Hogwarts Legacy. . . That includes the one linked to the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest, which you’ll get from a very isolated area (and will. The Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest will lead you to treasure in the Tomb of Treachery in Hogwarts Legacy.


. Feb 27, 2023 · The Tomb of Treachery is at the bottom of the waterfall from where you enter Poidsear Coast from the Coastal Cavern’s exit.

Feb 19, 2023 · The Treasure of the Cursed Grave is one of the many quests with puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.


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By using cubes that drop when striking the floor with a spell, players can find the essence when using Levioso to climb one of the objects upward.